About Us

Northland Petfood is the largest independent pet retailer North of Whangarei and shipping right around New Zealand!

With a focus on Natural, New Zealand made products, when you shop with us you are supporting our local New Zealand economy!Here at Northland Petfood we have a dedicated team who are ready to help YOU and your pet find the right solutions.




My love for animals started young, my father used to Breed and Show Staffordshire
Bull Terriers and then we went onto breeding and showing Appaloosa Horses, many
a National Champions were made, and my love of animals was well and truly started.

Jump forward a good few years and I met my partner Jared who had a 6 month old Jack Russel puppy named Murphy, otherwise known as G.O.B [ Grumpy Old Bas…I mean Bugger] He was at that age, and still is a grumpy old dog but we love him all the same. Murphy was the very beginning of my interest in Food and contact allergies. He suffered incredibly badly as a young dog with both, and the vet’s solution was to keep him pumped with steroids for the rest of his life, now we all know this doesn’t solve the problem it just treats the symptoms. I was not happy with that treatment
plan, as long-term steroid use has terrible side effects that would most likely kill him [as do the new kids on the block Cytopoint and Apoquel].

I pressed for alternative solutions that would not cause harm and the response from the vet floored me. “Do you want a happy dog that lives a shorter life, or a dog that lives longer and has a terrible life?”
I wanted neither thank you…

So began my passion of finding out how we can actually fix the problems, as opposed to just treating the symptoms. I started Northland Petfood in 2017 in my home office with my beautiful child at 3 months old attached to my side. [She got dragged to all the markets I did for the first year of my business while I ‘Got out there’. My sole intent was to provide high quality, clean foods, and treats with a preference for New Zealand made being a high priority! Every year we grew amazingly well and pretty soon I had to look at renting a shed, then a small shop and then a HUGE shop and warehouse we currently call home. We continue to provide honesty and integrity throughout our relationships and are all very down to earth.

My team are incredible assets to where we are and what we have become, our company motto is “Love your pet? So do we” and that is truly sincere, we love what we do, and I am incredibly proud of all we have and continue to achieve.

We rebranded in 2024 as I had far outgrown my humble ambition of serving Northland, our new name All Good Petfood harnesses our ethics and fits perfectly for our Nationwide market.

The Good the bad and the ugly!

In 2021, at the age of 38 with a now 4 year old, I was diagnosed with Stage 4. I had a golf ball sized tumour in my brain, with another smaller one behind it and 10 other 1cm ones floating around the rest of my brain. Metastasized Melanoma, skin cancer that had spread and grown in my brain, lymph and spleen… 2-8 months was the average life span with my diagnosis. To say our world fell apart is an understatement. I went from running the business to calling my team from hospital to say- hey team- I’m out for the unforeseeable future, see if you can run it or if not I will have to close it down. Talk about being thrown in the deep end!

I ended up having emergency brain surgery to remove the 2 biggest tumours, then radiation where my bum length straight blonde hair fell out only to be replaced by dark and curly hair! Another craniotomy, then 6 months in a scrum cap with a chunk of my skull missing then a plate fitted. More scans, injections, and hospital food than I care to remember.

In December of 2023 I finished a 2 year immunotherapy treatment [ Keytruda/Pembrolizumab] which has ultimately saved my life.It can still reoccur so will be checked for the rest of my life, but for now I am back at work doing what I love and
grateful as anything to be back where I belong! I do not wish this never happened to me as the lessons I have learnt from it all have been invaluable. Love harder, appreciate more, do what makes you happy- life is short. One of the other things I learnt was that I had to start practicing what I preached- feed your dogs well, no processing, no fillers, colourants, chemicals, flavourants etc-I now had to eat as well as my dogs lol!

My team stepped up, let me look after myself and took charge of doing what needed to be done. I cannot even begin to describe how humbled I was and still am by them and their dedication to me, our company and our cause. Your pets are as lucky as I am to have these amazing people looking after you!

Much Love from our family to yours!

Luanne, Jared, Brianna [ The noise maker] , Murphy, Queenie, Khaleesi [the dogs], Smitty the curly coated Kitty and Cowboy the unicorn pony.




I have worked with animals most of my life, a weekend job while at school at a pet shop then 13 years in London Zoo with Reptiles and Small Mammals. 8 Years at the Parrot Place in Kerkeri  and 1 year with Big Cats at Zion Wildlife Park in Kamo!

I also have an interest in woodworking and make jewellery boxes to sell in galleries.




"Hi, I'm Case, the Dispatch Coordinator at Northland Petfood.

I began my journey with Northland Petfood in 2021, initially assisting with retail and treat packaging. Since then, I've transitioned into the administrative side of the business.

Now, you'll find me in the office handling a variety of tasks, including fulfilling online orders (you might see my handwritten notes on your invoices!), updating our inventory system, responding to emails, answering phone calls and inquiries, and ensuring our customers receive the best advice and support for their furry friends.

A bit about me: I was born in Auckland and have lived in the beautiful Bay of Islands for the past 18 years. In my spare time, I enjoy road trips, spending time with friends and family, and playing the guitar. My passion for music takes me to many concerts and festivals, including the recent One Love festival in Tauranga, where I got to see many of my favourite reggae artists perform.

In addition to my full-time role, I am currently pursuing online studies in Business Management. I aspire to run my own successful business one day, inspired by the example set by Luanne here at Northland Petfood.

During my time at Northland Petfood (now, All Good Petfood), I've gained valuable knowledge about pet allergies and care. I love sharing this knowledge with our customers to help them take the best care of their fur babies. I hope to have a fur baby of my own someday!"




Hi there! I’m Carley and I am delighted to be part of the Northland Petfood team since 2022.

I help pet owners find the right food and products to keep their furry friends healthy and happy, whether it’s recommending a new diet plan or suggesting a delicious treat.

When I’m not busy assisting customers, you’ll see me behind the scenes processing online orders. But one of my favourite parts of the job, is when a customer returns to thank me and tell me how much their pet’s health has improved.

A little bit about me.... I have had many pets growing up, everything from fish, chickens, quinea pigs, cats and dogs. I currently share my home with my senior dog Tilly and my feline friend Smokey.

When I'm not at work, you'll often find me hitting the running tracks of Northland or creating cherished memories with my two daughters.

I am truly grateful to be part of the incredible team here at Northland Petfood and look forward to serving you and your furry friends in store or packing and dispatching your parcel of goodies!




Hi! I'm Nika and I have been with All Good Petfood since 2020 (when it was still Northland Petfood) as a contractor and then as as part of the team in-house.

I take care of all aspects of marketing but you will sometimes see me at the shop front helping out! I especially love when we have puppies visiting the store ;)

I have been a local to Kerikeri since 2019 and love spending time with my family camping, hunting, fishing, skiing, winter sports, horse riding, traveling the country and more! We have two English Setters who are our gun dogs with another Large Munsterlander puppy on the way. We also have two cats who love to bring us "presents".

Before moving to Kerikeri I lived in Auckland where I was mainly in the medical industry after attending high school in Orewa. I grew up in South Africa in a very small rural town and have always been around animals - especially dogs!

My partner and I always seem to be busy as we have four kids between us who bring a lot of fun and joy but also fatigue and cherished weekend sleep-ins! We wouldn't have it any other way though - our motto in live is 'Life is for the living'!