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    Introducing our Skinless Chicken Necks - the perfect choice for your furry companions' health and happiness!

    100% Skinless Chicken: Our Chicken Necks consist of premium-quality skinless chicken, sourced meticulously to guarantee exceptional taste and nutritional value.

    Perfect Meat-to-Bone Ratio: With approximately 60% meat and 40% bone, our Chicken Necks offer a well-balanced composition, ensuring optimal nutrition for your beloved pets.

    No Fillers/Preservatives: We prioritize the health and well-being of your furry friends. That's why our Chicken Necks are free from any fillers or preservatives, providing a natural and wholesome meal option.

    Ideal for Cats and Dogs: Our Skinless Chicken Necks are a fantastic choice for both cats and dogs, catering to their unique nutritional needs and preferences.

    Packed with Nutritional Benefits: These delectable treats are packed with essential nutrition, making them a valuable addition to your pets' diet. The bone content aids in dental health, making them an excellent dental chew for cats. Additionally, they are naturally low in fat while delivering high-quality protein, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin B3, and B6. These nutrients promote healthy teeth, bones, a functional digestive system, and a robust immune and nervous system.

    Suitable for All Sizes: Our Chicken Necks are a versatile bone option suitable for dogs of all sizes. They are particularly beneficial for smaller dogs, providing them with a satisfying and nutritious chew.

    Easy Handling: Our Skinless Chicken Necks come conveniently frozen. Upon arrival, simply place them in your freezer for long-lasting freshness. Prior to feeding, ensure proper defrosting and refrigerate the desired portion for up to two days. For the safety of you and your pets, remember to wash your hands and sanitize surfaces with antibacterial soap after serving.

    Give your furry companions the gift of flavorful and nutritious Skinless Chicken Necks! They'll relish the dental benefits and savor every bite.

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